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Water-based Inkjet for Operator Control Panels and Graphical Overlays

Purpose-built digital solution for industrial applications

The goal of harnessing the benefits of digital printing for industrial use cases is not new. However, in the past, this meant leveraging equipment that was developed first and foremost for the marketing and advertising market – and that therefore cannot address all the requirements of manufacturing scenarios.

Ink specialist Marabu and printer manufacturer Roland DG have combined their skills, and created a specially developed solution for operator control panels, graphic overlays and front-panel foils. Processes and materials used in this challenging segment - foil, adhesive, ink, printer - must be smoothly adjusted. Durability, function and appearance are the most important keywords.

Advantages of a purpose-built digital solution:

  • Meeting the high requirements of industrial printing applications (image quality, colour gamut, durability)
  • Rapid implementation of market trends
  • Decreasing lot sizes
  • Reduced prepress costs
  • Design Flexibility

Technical Facts:

Investment costs:
< 50.000€ including software
Advantage of water-based inks: they do not require a complex ink supply system to be installed in comparison to UV inks.

Flatbed printer with small footprint:
Printing area of 142x76cm and a footprint of 170x225cm.

Cooperation with Roland DG:
Warranty, maintenance and service on hardware and application.

Combined ink-and-printer solution

Unique hybrid workflow

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The combined ink-and-printer solution is specifically designed and tested for industrial needs:

Water-based digital ink (MaquaJet DA-RGO) is printed with a flatbed printer (Roland VS-300iS-GO) on common membrane keyboard material from MacDermid or Folex.

A pre-treatment is not necessary. Afterwards the digital print is backed with screen printing white. The system achieves 1 million activations according to DIN 42115 part 1.

The best of both worlds: The unique hybrid workflow enables users to gain all the advantages of a combined digital/screen printing process.



MaquaJet DA-RGO

  • Tailor-made system for operator control panels
  • Image quality (smallest dropsize + light colour shades for smooth pale greys)
  • Simple colour matching 

Why water-based?:

  • No layer structure
  • Wide colour gamut
  • More universally combinable, better overprintability
  • Mild and odourless solvents

MaquaJet DA-RGO inks are compatible with Marabu’s proven screen-printing inks MaraSwitch MSW, MaraStar SR and UltraSwitch UVSW.


© Roland DG

Roland VS-300iS-GO

Impressive colour gamut and accurate colour reproduction.
The new VS-300iS-GO is perfect for multi-coloured and highly detailed images with smooth gradients. The easy-to-use software and wide colour gamut enable users to match colours quickly and accurately – ideal for corporate branding, hitting PANTONE™ or RAL© shades, or reproducing colours from a previous job.

Fast pre-press and speedy set up times.
Ideal for short runs and proofing.

Low investment cost and low overall running cost.

More info about the printer: rolanddg.eu